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Yo, the New York Times did an article about cop-murdered Michael Brown with a paragraph about how "he was no angel." That's racist in itself, but one of the pieces of evidence for how he was no angel is "he had taken to rapping in recent months." That is some barely disguised, straight-no-chaser racism.
macphoenix macphoenix Said:


Remember bullshit like this every time conservatives whine about the alleged “liberal media.” Shameful as all fucking shit.


Spike, our Board Cat, has made friends with some of the cats from downtown Lawrence businesses. He wanted them to be as distinguished and dapper as he does in his bow tie, so he got them some of their own! Dashiell and Ngaio from Raven Book Store and Mickey Roy and Sam from Love Garden are now sporting Business Catual cat bow ties, too! 

Not a fan of dressing up cats in human clothes, but this is wonderful.

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I love every frame of this.

Terry Gilliam, circa 1968

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