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There’s been interesting conversation in the corners of the blogosphere I inhabit recently about developer life and motivations for staying in it or leaving it, depending on one’s outlook. Ed Finkler kicked it off with the rather forebodingly titled “The Developer’s Dystopian Future,” in which…

I’m glad I’m not the only one. I saw the web page when Apple announced the new Mac Pro and said, “I can never do this.” I haven’t worked on a web project since.


welcome to your life / there’s no turning back

These games were how I avoided doing any studying during my year at college. A 540x380 9” black and white screen—days of adventure.





[ugly crying] so beautiful [more ugly crying]

my feels *^*

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Vintage gift wrapping paper. (Via)

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There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.
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Happy Owls!

Reposting for my wife. OvO

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This insane letter links to this insane video presentation, which talks about how “King Obama and his FDA thugs” are behind a scam that’s bigger than the IRS, bigger than Banghazi, “bigger even than the NSA,” to keep you from their miracle cures, including H-86, which vaporizes cancer. All you desperate, terminally-ill people have to do to get the information you need to survive is subscribe to their newsletter!

If Dante were around today he’d need about three dozen more circles at least.

Oh yeah, fuck the Washington Times, too.

The conspiratorial mind lets all sorts of bullshit in.